ATEM - Ateliér ekologických modelů, s.r.o.

In usual activity of the ATEM studio we work mainly on these types of studies, surveys and assessments:

  • air quality studies - assessments of air quality and pollution dispersion for any scale or area and any number of sources of pollution
  • acoustic studies - studies of field acoustic for buildings, roads, residential areas, urban planning etc.
  • acoustic measurements - noise levels measurements in outdoor environment, road traffic noise including traffic survey
  • EIA - environmental impact assessment
  • SEA - strategic EIA for urban plans,conception documents
  • health risk assessment - assessment of public health impacts
  • expert review for combustion sources of air pollution
  • dendrological survey including price evaluation
  • biological survey and safety relocation programs
  • landscape protection - assessment of landscape and impact to landscape quality and value
  • analysis of area passability for roads and other line structures - reduction of conflicts with nature values and residential areas
  • complex evaluation of all factors of environment in given area (one spot to whole region)
  • GIS - processing of data of given area or region in geographical information systems including digitalisation of urban planning documents and maps
  • user applicatons - development of user applications in GIS
  • research and development - definition of new methodologies for environmental impact assessment
  • models - long term development of emission model MEFA and Pollution dispersion model ATEM


Ateliér ekologických modelů, s. r. o.

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