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The ATEM company works in environmental assessment for past 20 years. ATEM mainly focuses on traffic emissions and emissions dispersion modeling.

In addition to standard studies for local authorities, central government organs, roads maintainers and private corporations ATEM works on research, methodological and conceptual projects on the field of air pollutants emissions and air quality modeling. In the long term, ATEM is probably the only workplace in the Czech Republic that is focused on specific questions e. g. modeling of the air pollution on road intersections, dust resuspension assessment or specifying emissions from high duty vehicles. In the next list, there are some successfully solved projects (between 2000 – 2010):

  • model ATEM for air quality and pollution dispersion calculations – model is set as reference methodology for air quality assessment in the urban areas in the Czech Republic
  • computational methodology and computer program MEFA for assessment of emissions from road traffic
  • methodology and mathematical model for dust resuspension determination
  • methodology and mathematical model for determination of increased level of emissions in crossroads
  • assessment of the emissions from air transport
  • periodical analysis of dynamical composition of the traffic flow on the roads in the Czech Republic
  • analysis of the historical composition of the traffic flow since 1960
  • the DEIMOS system – a complex tool for emissions and air pollution impact of road transport modeling in GIS environment
  • analysis of the weight data of heavy vehicles in relation to emissions production
  • methodology and computer program for external costs estimation from air pollution and noise from road traffic
  • methodology for determination of emissions of organic compounds from stationary combustion and technological sources

The ATEM company belongs to one of the major workplaces on the field of air quality modeling in the scale of large cities and regions. ATEM elaborates periodical assessment of the contemporary air quality in the district of Prague in 2-years intervals (so far 9 times) and model prediction of the future state for the purposes of urban planning. ATEM also realized the air quality modeling for many of regions in the Czech Republic (regions Středočeský, Jihočeský, Plzeňský, Karlovarský, Liberecký, Vysočina, Moravskoslezský region) and the assessment of road transport impacts on air quality in the whole Czech Republic.

Amongst other main activities of the ATEM studio belong estimation of air quality impact for given sources of pollution, proposals of measures to improve the air quality, acoustical studies, noise level measurements, environmental impact assessment (EIA, SEA), health impact assessment (HIA), geographic information system (GIS), studies in the field of nature protection and landscape impact assessment. Since it was established, ATEM has worked on approximately 2500 such studies.

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